Evidence Based Programmes

  • Coram's Scarf Programme

    The programme is for EYs settings working with 3-4 year olds and aims to build strong foundations for self-regulation by enabling children to understand their own feelings, and those of others, and begin to regulate their own behaviour accordingly.

  • Sound Play

    The Sound Play programme is for EYs Practitioners working with 3-4 year olds and aims to increase their knowledge and confidence in teaching phonological awareness to support early literacy.

  • Young girl ready to shout out loud

    Learning Language and Loving it (LLLI)

    LLLI is high quality and internationally researched training that provides guidance for Early Years practitioners in promoting social, language and literacy learning in Early Years settings.

  • Tales Toolkit

    Tales Toolkit gives children a means of exploring, creating and telling the stories that are important to them. Through the resources, children tell their own stories about the things that interest them, stories that use props and materials from their world.