Evidence Based Programmes

  • NELI-P

    NELI Preschool is a new nursery-delivered oral language enrichment and intervention programme for children in the year before they enter formal education – usually three to four year olds

  • Emotion Coaching logo

    Emotion Coaching

    Emotion-coached children and young people: Achieve more academically in school Are more popular Have fewer behavioural problems Have fewer infectious illnesses Are more emotionally stable Are more resilient Based on research by American Psychologist…

  • ELKLAN Communication Friendly Home-based Settings

    This programme examines all aspects of the Home-Based Setting, including the physical environment, interaction, how language is modelled and the opportunities and resources that are provided to support the development of language, communication and learning.

  • NDNA Maths Champions

    This programme increases practitioner knowledge, awareness and confidence in supporting early mathematics in order to improve outcomes for children. Participating nurseries will nominate a Maths Champions who will lead the programme supporting and driving improvement.

  • A blue plush cat toy

    Calming Cats

    Children need nurturing guidance and modelling of effective strategies to help them develop emotionally healthy practices. Calming Cat resources help practitioners teach simple and quick techniques to help children become more emotionally aware and self-regulate effectively.

  • Tales Toolkit

    We believe story is a super powerful learning gizmo. We created Tales Toolkit, a Toolkit for creating Tales. Story has been shown to improve all types of learning and increase engagement and memory capacity.