Evidence Based Programmes

  • Emotion Coaching logo

    Emotion Coaching

    Emotion-coached children and young people: Achieve more academically in school Are more popular Have fewer behavioural problems Have fewer infectious illnesses Are more emotionally stable Are more resilient Based on research by American Psychologist…

  • NELI-P

    NELI Preschool is a new nursery-delivered oral language enrichment and intervention programme for children in the year before they enter formal education – usually three to four year olds

  • Launchpad for Language

    A language enrichment programme supporting all children to reach their communication potential.

  • Tales Toolkit

    Tales Toolkit develops many areas of learning, skills and characteristics of effective learning including language, literacy, social skills, creativity, confidence, empathy, boys writing, problem solving, maths and lots more. Delivered by Goldsmiths…

  • Communication Friendly Homebased Settings (CFHBS)

    Elklan’s CFHBS award examines all aspects of the home-based setting, including the physical environment, interaction styles, how language is modelled and the opportunities and resources that are provided to support communication and language.

  • Early talkboost logo

    Early Talk Boost

    Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children who need help with talking and understanding words, helping to boost their language skills to narrow the gap between them and their peers.