Evidence Based Programmes

  • Elklan Communication Friendly Home Based Settings

    Elklan’s Communication Friendly Home-Based Setting (CFHBS) award examines all aspects of the home-based setting, including the physical environment (inside and out), interaction styles, how language is modelled and the opportunities and resources…

  • Emotion Coaching logo

    Emotion Coaching

    Emotion-coached children and young people: Achieve more academically in school Are more popular Have fewer behavioural problems Have fewer infectious illnesses Are more emotionally stable Are more resilient Based on research by American Psychologist…

  • NELI-P

    NELI Preschool is a new nursery-delivered oral language enrichment and intervention programme for children in the year before they enter formal education – usually three to four year olds

  • Early Skills for Life Programme Information

    Early Skills for Life

    The Early Skills for Life programme aims to improve the personal, social and emotional development of 3-5 year olds.

  • Communication Friendly Settings

    Become an environment which supports the communication and language development of all children by completing Elklan’s Communication Friendly Settings programme.

  • Early talkboost logo

    Early Talk Boost

    Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4 year old children. The programme aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months over a nine week period.