About the Hub

Local Authorities covered:

Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland


Partnership is central to our mission as the Great North Early Years Stronger Practice Hub and we will be collaborating with Northern Lights SPH and our local authority partners across the North East to support the Early Years sector across the region.  United by a collective mission to create a fair and bright future for every child in the North East, we will work together to achieve the highest quality of care and education for our children. 

Building on existing networks, we will be enriching the opportunities for schools and settings to work together and share best practice through networking opportunities, training and support.  Evidence informed practice is at the heart of all our work to ensure that ‘best bets’ drive decision making, help the sector to redress the impact of covid and improve outcomes of the youngest children in our region.

As we connect with settings across the area, we look forward to creating a strong network of practitioners, promoting professional dialogue informed by effective pedagogical practices, and creating an open culture of collaborative support.  

As a member of our hub, you will receive support through:

  1. Networks of trusted support which will enable settings to share knowledge and effective practice.
  2. Receiving regular information and advice on evidence-based approaches, for example through newsletters, blogs, events and social media.
  3. Access to bespoke advice and signposting to other funded support.
  4. Opportunities to work with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) evidence-based programmes and access to funding for this training.

If you are a childminder, working in a PVI or school/maintained Nursery class and would like more information then please sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.

Lead setting:

Haltwhistle Academy


  • Debi Savoy  (Childminder)
  • Bothal Primary School
  • Cleaswell Hill School
  • SEND to Learn Nursery

Relevant links to settings:

Haltwhistle Academy - https://haltwhistle.wiseacademies.co.uk/

Bothal Primary School -  https://bothalprimary.co.uk/

Cleaswell Hill School - https://cleaswellhill.northumberland.sch.uk/

SEND to Learn Nursery - https://sendtolearn.co.uk/

Debi Savoy  (Childminder)  - https://www.facebook.com/groups/332458356015340