Further programmes in the Early Years Education Recovery Programme

Early Years Stronger Practice Hubs is a programme within the Early Years Education Recovery Programme. Find out more about the other available programmes below:

Early Years Child Development training

Delivery model: Online self-study learning - modules include written content, videos, knowledge checks, a learning log, and practical ‘in your setting’ prompts, and can be completed in an order that suits you.
Time commitment and course length: Up to 18 hours completed at a pace and time that suits you.
Cost: Free to access
Setting eligibility: Open to all - register and complete the course online 

Content covered:

  • Understanding child development and the EYFS
  • Understanding brain development and how children learn
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Supporting language development in the early years
  • Supporting physical development in the early years
  • Mathematics
  • An effective curriculum (in development)
  • Effective observation and assessment (in development)
  • Supporting individual needs (in development)
Early years child with multicoloured paint on hands

Professional Development Programme 3

Delivery model: Mix of self-study learning and live online webinars.
Time commitment and course length: 60 hours over 8 months
Cost: Free to access. Support with backfill costs is available to settings via their local authority.
Setting eligibility: Contact your Local Authority who will confirm your eligibility and share your details with our Delivery Partner. Alternatively, visit the programme website to express interest.

Content covered:

  • early communication and language
  • early mathematics
  • personal, social and emotional development (PSED)

L3 Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) qualification

Delivery model: Mix of self-directed study and live online webinars.
Time commitment and course length: 34 hours, including 24 hours of guided learning, to be
completed within a 4-month period
Cost: Free to access
Setting eligibility: This training is for SENCOs working in group-based and childminder settings, and for those due to take up the role of SENCO in one of these types of settings. The training is available nationally, with targeting in disadvantaged areas. Apply via our delivery partner Best Practice Network.

Content covered:

  • the role and responsibilities of the SENCO in early years (including guidance, partnership and inclusion)
  • understanding the principles, statutory guidance and legislation underpinning SEND in the early years
  • understanding early identification and early action
  • working with parents, carers and other professionals and resources, including funding, available to support children with SEND
  • strategies and techniques for supporting children and families
Two toddlers playing while sat down

The National Professional qualification in Early Years Leadership

Delivery model: Mix of self-study, face to face and synchronous online sessions.
Time commitment and course length: a few hours a week over 18 months
Cost: Free to access for most participants
Setting eligibility: To find out more about the course and register

Content covered:

  • culture
  • child development, curriculum and assessment
  • additional and special educational needs and disabilities
  • professional development
  • organisational management
  • implementation
  • working in partnership

Next start date: Applications are open to start in February 2024

The Experts and Mentors Programme

Delivery model: Face to face support for leaders and (predominantly) virtual mentoring for practitioners
Time commitment and course length: Experts will provide up to 3 days support to setting leaders. Mentors will
provide up to 6 hours of support per setting for practitioners over the course of one term.
Cost: Free to access
Setting eligibility: Settings can apply for support using the application form on the Pen Green website and
Childminders can apply for support from the Childminder Mentor programme through the Hempsalls website.

Content covered:

  • leadership support
  • coaching for leaders
  • mentoring for practitioners
  • whole-setting support, depending on settings’ priorities and needs
  • Support to complete and maximise the impact of other elements of the EY Education Recovery Programme your setting is accessing.
Two early years children sat playing together

Early Years Initial Teacher Training

Delivery model: Mix of learning at university (in person or remote, depending on providers delivery set-up) and a placement in a setting
Time commitment and course length: 3 months to 1 year depending on route
Cost: Funding is available for the graduate entry and graduate employment based EYITT routes, in addition to bursaries and employer incentives.
Setting eligibility: private, voluntary and independent providers, as well as childminder settings. Find an accredited Early years initial teacher training (ITT) provider

Content covered:

  • Setting high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge all children.
  • Promoting good progress and outcomes by children.
  • Understanding early learning and EYFS.
  • Planning education and care taking account of the needs of all children.
  • Adapting education and care to respond to the strengths and needs of all children.
  • Making accurate and productive use of assessment.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and providing a safe learning environment.

For more detail on all these programmes download the document below.


EYER programme options slides SPH 12102023.pdf
Early Years Education Recovery programme options